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Ricky’s Clothing was born in the minds of Joost Verheijen and Wouter van Dun. Both had a dream of entrepreneurship and wanted to start a company with an original idea. During one of their breaks at work, their creative juices started flowing. Their adoration of hoodies was an excellent starting point. The cool, baggy look that is typically associated with the hoodie opened up an opportunity for unique combinations. Joost and Wouter thought of the chill, comfortable and snug feelings that a good hoodie evokes in them. The figure and logo of Ricky embodies the cool as well as the cosy in a single symbol. Those are exactly the vibes they want to stimulate within you when wearing a Ricky hoodie: to feel confident and comfortable.

Sustainability and fairtrade

Our mission is to provide products of the highest possible quality at the most sustainable level. We integrate sustainability into everything we do. Every day we make deliberate, conscious decisions about who we work with, how we work and what materials we choose to use. 

All our products are certified, and the type of certification depends on the fabric composition.

  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS): This standard applies to all products that are made with minimum 85% organic cotton. GOTS has recently recognised recycled polyester as a sustainable fibre, so our sweatshirts with 15% recycled polyester are now also GOTS certified.
  • Global Recycled Standard (GRS): This standard applies to all products that are made with recycled fibres, whether recycled cotton or recycled polyester.
  • OEKO-TEX: This standard guarantees that textiles do not contain harmful chemicals. All our products are OEKO-TEX certified.
  • PETA: All our products are Vegan PETA-Approved, as we do not use any animal-derived components in our products. All our products are PETA-certified.

Our products are produced under the Fair Wear Foundation to guarantee that all of our products are ethically made.

It is extremely important for us that we work together for a better future, step by step. Therefore, we are happy to announce that this collection, we will donate €1 to The Ocean Cleanup for every hoodie that is ordered!

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